Remodeling or updating your bathroom? Now more than ever, bathroom designs are praising old-school features by adding simple modern twists. Bathrooms are becoming a place of creativity and expression. Design your own aesthetic bathroom to impress your guests by keeping these 5 trends in mind.

Bold Accents

In the bathroom industry today, it’s all about the fine details. Statement art pieces, tile accents, and floating vanities are all the hottest craves. People are obsessing over shower designs incorporating long, skinny tiles in a wraparound strip. Expressing yourself through a statement art piece or wallpaper is the new fad, and it’s even spread into the design of many currently remodeled bathrooms. Sharp, cohesive contrasts between rounded and squared edges are weaving their way in and out of bathroom designs as well. Floating vanities and industrial-style, exposed plumbing are making appearances in bathroom designs. The range of trending accents and possibilities are diverse, which makes each one strikingly unique.

Clear Glass

Traditional glass-enclosed showers—now often frameless—are still one of the most commonly requested designs; however, glass-lined, open showers are growing increasingly popular. The luxurious, clean and crisp layout aims to make your bathroom appear top of the line.

Marbled Art

Lacing marble through your bathroom design is sure to draw plenty of compliments. Marble floors, shower walls, countertops, amenities, and décor are becoming more common.

Extravagant Bathtubs and Luxury Showers

From open-concept showers to old-school bathtubs with a flare, bathrooms are becoming a place to show your individuality. The focus is on creating unique spaces that incorporate high-tech appliances.

Neutral Design Palettes

Neutral colors such as black, white, gray, and even specific shades of gold are dominating the current bathroom aesthetic. Incorporating pops of color and traditional wood can be strung together throughout a neutral palette to create an enviously impressive space.

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